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These pages are devoted to modules to get your site up and running with CMS Made Simple the way you want it.

Vision of growth of Duketowns modules

Duketown has prepared a number of modules and this number might grow. With regards to the functionality of the modules, Duketown will combine specific functionality per module and make it available via extensions. There will be two types of extensions: a Silver and a Gold version. As you may expect, the Silver version has quite extensive material in it selve, the Gold version will be a combination of the Silver extension and even more functionality. This can be more complex or really a lot. Extensions are available for the modules: Inventory Management, Service Desk and Team Sport Scores. More will follow.
Extension can be bought via the shop of Duketown.

Newest version of module Service Desk Launched

The service desk module was first launched in 2009. Now we thought it was about time to update it to newest release of CMSMS and next to this allow more functionality to become available via the silver extension to the module. This extension contains new functionality that you can buy via our shop. The extension allows you to upgrade the system whenever you want.
See an in depth description of the module via the detailed Service Desk module description page.


The shop of us has a number of manuals for you available to support during the implementation of modules.
An example in the shop is: Manual on building a site with CMS Made Simple which has been updated in November 2012 to version 1.11 of CMSMS.


Duketown can provide paid support for the modules. This support may include installation, change of design, changes to modules, additions/extentions to existing modules and writing new modules. This all of course in connection to CMS Made Simple.


CMS Made Simple is released under the GPL(external link) license. Duketown follows this license for the free modules.

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